The Man Behind Mega Man Leaves Capcom

Keiji Inafune, the Head of R&D Management Group, Consumer Games R&D Division and Contents Management Division, father of Mega Man and all-round legend has left Capcom to pursue ventures new.

Friday Roundtable: The Most Frightening Games Ever

Halloween is mere days away. In this week’s Roundtable, we discuss the most frightening games we’ve ever played. Bring a pillow. You’ll need it to hide behind when you weep tears of cold fear.

Mario Is Coming to the United States!

Nintendo wants to celebrate Mario’s birthday in a big way!

Preview: Goldeneye 007

Feeling nostalgic? With Goldeneye 007 almost upon Wii owners, Martin takes a look at the game that’s causing more of a shake than a stir.

Get Your R3TRO on!

If you’re free 6/7 November 2010 and you’re into your retro/arcade gaming, why not pop up to Blackpool to check an awesome new retro gaming expo?

Super Deals: PC Games for Under $20

This week’s PC digital distribution must-have deals

Tough As Nails: Metal Slug Series

Writing this article was a bit of a slug, but after dying 4,526,728 times, Martin can finally add this series of games to the infamous list of games from hell!

Sayonara GameWorks…

In March of this year I had to visit Texas for a few days to help with a tradeshow for my job. In the few, brief moments when I wasn’t being bombarded with work, I managed to make my way to the nearby mall in Grapevine, Texas. It was there that I happened to find a Sega GameWorks arcade, one of the last “mega,” dedicated arcades in the country.

Video Review: Civilization V (PC)

A review…in video form?!? Yep.

Blizzard Planning a Fourth Expansion for WoW

As if Cataclysm wasn’t enough, Blizzard already has plans for a fourth expansion for World of Warcraft.

And the Reward for Finishing Fallout: New Vegas on Hardcore Is…

Should there be a bigger prize for finishing the game on Hardcore?

New Vegas: The Promise of Adventure

The vast size of New Vegas and amount of content to explore promise many many hours lost to this game.

Warcraft III Player Rushed IRL. Has Fingers Broken.

As if it were a lesson pulled straight from a tame mobster movie, one unfortunate soul has paid a rather disproportionate price for potty-mouthed smack-talk.

Small Changes in New Vegas

Much of the coverage for New Vegas so far has included many complaints that the game hasn’t been upgraded enough compared to Fallout 3. Many gamers were hoping to see significant improvements in graphics, character models, the user interface, and game mechanics. One way of approaching Fallout: New Vegas might be to think of it as a game in limbo between an expansion pack and a full fledged sequel. No, this isn’t Fallout 4, and no it isn’t an expansion on Fallout 3. New Vegas uses the resources Bethesda developed for Oblivion and Fallout 3, and improves upon many of them while keeping the core design intact.

Review: Medal of Honor (PS3, 360)

Sebastian looks the Taliban – and controversy – square in the face, as he reviews this entry in the first-person shooter series.

chick chick BOOM Release Details

More BOOM for your chick chicks.

Return to the West Mansion: A Splatterhouse Retrospective

As we draw closer to the release of a new game in the gorey Splatterhouse series, guest writer Chad Morelock takes a look back at the series’ previous iterations and what made them so classic.

Ivy the Kiwi? Hits UK Stores Next Week

Ivy the Kiwi?, a new game for both Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, will be available for purchase from major UK retailers next Friday (29 October).

Cheating Against an AI Opponent in Starcraft II? You’re banned!

WIRED blog has reported that a Starcraft II player has been banned for using an illegal program in order to cheat against an AI opponent.

EA Captures Angry Birds Publisher

It was reported today that EA has purchased Chilingo.

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