Top 5: Our 5 Most Underrated Games of All-Time

Are there a few titles in your videogame pile that deserve a mention but are seemingly forgotten?

Heavy Rain Movie in Preliminary Stages

Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 3 sensation, Heavy Rain, is set to become a full-length feature film.

TimeSplitters 4 Under Consideration

TimeSplitters 4 is very overdue. The last time we jumped through space and time was in 2005 with TimeSplitters: Future Perfect for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.

Angry Birds Rio Ties in with Upcoming Animation

The world has gone absolutely Angry Birds mental. The most downloaded paid app in pretty much every single country on the planet, and the most played game on Nokia’s OVI store, Angry Birds is a global phenomenon and an unprecedented leap forward in mobile gaming.

MineCraft: The Burning Forests of Something or Another

Pictures of a forest fire in MineCraft.

Friday Roundtable: Should Games Attempt to Portray Current Events, e.g., Ongoing Wars, Political Climates?

Bits ‘n’ Bytes gets a little serious and takes a look at the world of videogames and whether it should ever merge with reality and all those nasty things that come with it.

PodBytes – Episode 1: Should Games Attempt to Portray Current Events?

PodBytes - Episode 1

Kyle, Rexly, and Sebastian usher in the inaugural episode of the Bits ‘n’ Bytes podcast, Podbytes. In it, they discuss whether or not games should attempt to portray current events and occurrences like war, natural disaster and disease, and what they’re playing. Check it out!

Oh, The Humanity: Russian Airport Bomb ‘Linked’ to Modern Warfare 2

No Russian, no sense. Russia Today attempts to link Modern Warfare 2 with the 24 January Domodedovo airport bombing.

Bulletstorm Demo Impressions

Bulletstorm Demo

Bulletstorm seems to hold a lot of promise, with the trailer being filled with hilarious nut shots, throwing guys into giant plants, and literally lighting people’s asses on fire.

Sony Announces “New Gaming Portable”!

Sony announced the highly-anticipated, yet worst kept, secret, the PSP 2, codenamed “New Gaming Portable” or NGP at its press event in Japan today.

Fan-Made Fallout Movie Surprisingly Doesn’t Suck!

A new fan made Fallout movie short has jokes, special effects, decent acting, and overall, doesn’t suck.

Missing in Action: Will We Ever See A New Republic Commando Game?

Martin takes a look back at one of the best games in the Star Wars franchise and discusses why a sequel has yet to emerge.

Intellivision Lives: Revisiting Gaming’s Roots

Chad travels to the Intellivision Lives! event at Manhattan Beach, recalls the success of the Intellivision, meets the original design team, the Blue Sky Rangers, and announces a new site giveaway. Phew!

Astounding Halo 3/ODST Concept Art

Bungie’s mythical tenure of the Halo franchise may well have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be surprised by the old rascals.

Mortal Kombat PS3 Boxart Revealed

Seems like NetherRealm are keen to sell Kratos. Very keen.

Rise, Ser Isaac of Clarke

Visceral Games and Bioware have teamed up for something really special that brings out the best in both Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age 2.

Duke Nukem Forever Gets Release Date. Finally.

A boggling fourteen years after it was first announced, Duke Nukem Forever is finally getting a release date.

My Grandma, the Angry Birds Nerd!

Angry Birds really is the little game that could. But can it make non-gamers into gamers? Well, yes: let me tell you how my grandmother got addicted to Angry Birds. Offers Weekend Sale on Cyan Classics

Good Old Games, or as your address bar knows them, will be having a sale this weekend only on their library of Cyan titles.

Friday Roundtable: Is 3D Technology the Future for Videogames?

We’re looking into the future. Are our views more than just a one-dimensional affair?

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