Rocksmith: The Real Guitar Experience

Ever since the advent of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, two wishes have been burning within me: 1) to be able to play any song from my personal music collection in-game, and 2) to be able to take my shredding skills from the games and apply them to my real-life acoustic guitar.

Dude – You Rock!

The first wish has (sort of) come true in the form of downloadable songs in later iterations of the rhythm/music game series.  As for the second – well, guitar players the world over scoffed at the idea of all of the sudden wannabe axe-men thinking it’s that easy to play guitar.  Rock Band 3 offered a pro mode, which bridged the gap from plastic color-coded guitar controller to a more authentic guitar-playing experience.  The trouble was, you had to have a certain type of controller to do this, or go out and buy one.  I personally own five different types of guitar controllers, and not one of them is the right one for RB3‘s pro mode.

However, there’s good news: Ubisoft have recently announced a new type of guitar/rhythm game.  Rocksmith is a revolutionizing take on the somewhat stale genre, finally letting you play with your own acoustic or electric guitar – no more need for fake instruments and peripherals.  Any guitar that has a quarter-inch input jack can be connected to the game.

With actual-guitar gameplay, the difficulty will be higher than it was with the plastic facsimiles, and the game will compensate by tailoring itself to the player’s skill level automatically.  Novices and experts alike will be challenged at their individual levels of expertise, and the game will provide skill-building exercises for players to improve their guitar proficiency.  Reading music and playing songs from memory, as opposed to looking at the screen, will also be new areas the game delves into.

Rocksmith will come pre-loaded with an as-yet undisclosed list of tracks, but we’ve been teased with a few band names we can expect, such as The Rolling Stones and Nirvana.  The game is also said to include a multiplayer mode, although no further details have yet been forthcoming in this regard. 

Rocksmith is scheduled to see the light of day in the latter half of 2011.  PS3, Xbox 360 and PC owners, get tuned up and rejoice!  Sadly, Wii owners won’t get a chance to head backstage with this title, as no release has been announced for their console.

The music/rhythm games market has been heavily over-saturated recently; hopefully Ubisoft have taken this into account as they try to revitalize this quickly-drying genre.  Check out the official Rocksmith page for a Q&A section and video testimonials. 

Share Your Thoughts: Have Ubisoft hit a proverbial goldmine with the promise of playing an actual guitar in Rocksmith?  Or has the tour bus left the station on this genre already?

2 Responses to “Rocksmith: The Real Guitar Experience”
  1. Carl Gundel says:

    I’ve been playing guitar casually for a long time, and more recently I’ve been playing at my church. I love playing but I wouldn’t call myself a musican. Competent fake is a better description of where I’m at. I had an early G-VOX midi guitar pickup but that really didn’t work very well. The current guitar games aren’t interesting to me at all, but if Rocksmith turns out to be well crafted I’ll be eager to give it a try.

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