PodBytes – Episode 3: Digital Distribution: Can It, and Should It, Replace Physical Media?

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In our latest podcast adventure, Chad, Kyle, Sebastian and I talk about digital distribution of games, what it means for the industry and if it could – or should – replace physical media.

Listen in, and make sure you let us know your thoughts in the comments!

5 Responses to “PodBytes – Episode 3: Digital Distribution: Can It, and Should It, Replace Physical Media?”
  1. Truly outstanding work, guys! Engaging and hilarious.

  2. Steven Stratton says:

    Yeah, so we can over-compress the audio, and all the other shit in the game. Fuck digital I want the full-quality and physical copy so I don’t have to worry about losing data.

  3. Gil says:

    Absolutely not. Both physical and digital can coexist. In fact… It should coexist. For people like me who love to have physical copies on the shelf and for those who want to be able to buy games from the comfort of their own couch. Problem is the cost of digital should never equal or exceed a physical copy and that is why the current digital standard is not working. Get it together developers. pass the savings onto the consumer. Yer not making or shipping a physical copy. Price it accordingly!

  4. Armand K. says:

    Wanted to pipe in so many times. Here are some of my thoughts.

    – My first computer had 34 megs, and 4MBs of RAM. It ran at 25 mhz (386 processor).
    – The indie download market is thriving on the PC, as opposed to the consoles.
    – Memory isn’t even an issue for PC gamers.
    – Apple also allowed pirated copies of Lugaru to sell in the iTunes store for weeks, ignoring Wolfire’s (the guys who made the game) emails to have it removed. It didn’t go down until the original poster removed it from the site.
    – What did Kyle mean MS could take Windows away? I’m not too sure about that.
    – Books aren’t useless Seb, I’m gonna burn your house down for that!
    – First world problem: My game packaging isn’t tough enough!
    – My mom is buying stuff on the internet now. MY MOM! I think Wii owners can manage.
    – Korea is sort of leading the way in internet I think.
    – Loko Roko (or however its spelled).
    – Katamari was on the PSP and it worked pretty well.
    – There are a lot of great games for free on Flash sites, if the $0.99 games are as good as some of those, they can do great!
    – In game ads in Dead Space 2? Now that’s scary!
    – I love scrolling through my Steam game list. It’s much better organized than I am.
    -Final thoughts: Steam and gog.com FTW!! Peace out!

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