Alliance of Awesome – Episode 1

Wherein four game writers discuss open world and sandbox games, Neptune’s Pride, and I say a swear word

The Alliance of Awesome is the gathering of game writers from various gaming sites coming together to discuss the games we love, the games we don’t love, and anything else we feel like saying. In this first episode, we have Gregg B. and Matthew S. of Tap Repeatedly, Joel G. of the fantastic Electron Dance, and Armand K… which is me.

Download podcast here: AofA

2 Responses to “Alliance of Awesome – Episode 1”
  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Personally, I thought the Dead Island trailer was a tad on the pretentious side. While I don’t disagree it was well put together, I found it very difficult to ‘sympathise’ with the family simply because their antagonists were zombies. They’ve been so overdone now, they’re almost inherently comical.

  2. Chad M. says:

    Quick, someone start a band called “Dead Children and Stalin”!

    And…well, you all know how I feel about the Dead Island trailer.

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