Metacritic Opens Up a Whole “Portal” Full Of Criticism

PC Users Bash Valve’s Critically-Acclaimed Title Through User Scores

It’s the game that’s been making the headlines for all the right reasons lately. From high review scores to reports of professors cancelling their classes due to high levels of “Portal-related sickness”, Valve has already managed to sell over four million copies of Portal 2. Things couldn’t really be going much better right now.

But, of course, as with all things that are great, someone out there has to complain. reported earlier today that many dissatisfied customers have been using everyone’s favourite review aggregate site, Metacritic, to voice their disappointment with some minor aspects of the game, as well as their disapproval of Valve’s supposed preference for the console versions.

In particular, PC users are upset that the game is a console port, and take particular offence to a silly error left in the PC version, where it makes a reference to not turning off your “console” while saving. However, David Jenkins, writer for, notes that “most anger, though, seems to be directed at the online store – which is already filled with downloadable content”.

It is too early to tell whether the publicly-voiced criticisms will have any impact on the game’s sales, although this does seem unlikely in the long run, due to the overwhelmingly positive review scores that have been coming for the game. Portal 2 currently holds a user score of 7.3 out of 10, whereas its critic score is a whopping 95 out of 100.

On a related note, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as our very own Portal 2 review will be up later this week.


Share your thoughts: Are PC users right to complain about Portal 2 being a console port? Should Metacritic do away with user scores when they’re increasingly being used to voice dissatisfaction with aspects that aren’t directly related to enjoyment of the product itself?

2 Responses to “Metacritic Opens Up a Whole “Portal” Full Of Criticism”
  1. Joe Walker says:

    Valve treats their fans so well and their fans take every opportunity to bitch them out.

    The “marketplace full of DLC” is all customization items for your co-op bots. “WE WANT FREE HATS VALVE GRRRRR.” PC gamers are complaining that some of the hats are free on the console versions, but they’re forgetting that the console players paid an extra $10 for their copy of the game.

    It’s just another instance of today’s entitled gamers bitching about whatever they possibly can.

  2. My take (cake?) on this situation is that I find it perfectly acceptable to make your voice heard with your wallet and with your voice – find a forum that lets you go public (blog, message board, email, etc), and make your complaints known.

    But this is an example of abusing a system that’s put in place to gauge the relative quality of a product. As if Metacritic wasn’t in the news enough recently with lifetime achievement rankings, now we need to start worrying about user reviews being skewed due to base, childish, impulsive nerd-rage. Seriously? The part about not shutting off your console pissed PC users off enough to give the game an honest 0/10? I’ve never even thought of giving a 0! Even a freshly mashed dog turd rubbed into your living room carpeting has SOME entertainment value.

    If the possibility of leaving erroneous scores now becomes common practice when gamers have been slightly ruffled, then we’ll have to completely ignore those sources of misinformation. Poor Metacritic, look at you losing all your credibility…

    Now, the game’s short running time and day 1 DLC – those are slightly more gripe-worthy issues…

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