Review: Tiny and Big in: Up that Mountain (Mac/PC/Linux)

In the world of Linux & Mac, we rarely have decent games to play. Many of the games released are either puzzles or bad ports of web games. That’s why Tiny and Big is a big deal to both OS camps.

Tiny and Big: Up that Mountain is a comic book-styled game that is the meaning of “games are art”. The whole game is a 3D comic book with an exciting adventure to boot. You play as Tiny, a weird-looking guy with a ray gun and grappling hook. In a lot of ways he reminds me of a Big Daddy from Bioshock. Your job is to reclaim the precious underwear that your grandfather left to you. Standing in your way is another strange, somewhat smaller man named Big. Big has captured the underwear and has no intentions of giving them back. You must cut and climb your way up a mountain to reclaim the underwear from Big. To get up the mountain, you must rely on your tools and imagination.

At the start of the game you are given a short tutorial on how to use your tools. The tutorial is helpful and does a good job of getting you comfortable with the gameplay style. The controls are fluent and never feel awkward to perform. The ray gun’s main purpose is to cut up stone for your use on your quest. Be careful though, these falling towers of stone can crush you. This is where the hook really helps out. It can be used to manipulate the way the stone falls and where it lands. You can also use the hook to drag stones to where you need to place them. In a sense, the game is a building/adventure game. You use the stones to build your way up the mountain and capture Big. I really enjoyed the building aspect of the game and how it makes you use your mind. These “mind games” are always a great addition to the gaming industry.

Since the game is only a beta-demo, it’s not terribly long. Even though the game lacks length, Black Pants Game Studio figured out a way to make it longer. Tiny and Big is incredibly challenging and actually quite hard at times. As of today, I am still working on trying to catch Big and reclaim the magical underwear. So even though it’s a demo, it will take a while to beat (at least it does for me). Trust me though, once you beat it you will want to play it again. If not for the excellent gameplay, then for the beautiful graphics and comic book style.

The Final Verdict

Tiny and Big in: Up that Mountain is an amazing game that can never truly be expressed in words. You really need to download and play it for yourself! Tiny and Big is a ton of fun and is a great adventure with creative building aspects. So if you’re looking for a challenge and beautifully styled graphics and gameplay, check out Tiny and Big.

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