Atari Releases New Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Trailer

Art Thou A Noble Enough Dude to Conquer Daggerdale?

Atari has finally broken a lengthy silence on their new Dungeons and Dragons-based game, Daggerdale, with a new trailer. The game, which is slated to be a multiplayer action-RPG experience set in the Forgotten Realms, has had a quiet development cycle, leading many to speculate on just what’s up with it.

The new game is looking to be a dungeon crawler in the tradition of Diablo and Dark Alliance with significant RPG elements culled from the tabletop game.

However, it does make me wonder – since Atari acquired the D&D license, they haven’t done a whole lot with it. With the exception of Temple of Elemental Evil (which was unfortunately released incredibly buggy, and had to be patched by fans), Atari hasn’t really released a lot of Dungeons & Dragons games, and what games have been made have typically not been very true to the D&D game.

My question is: well, why not? The two previous license holders, SSI and Interplay, did great things with the Dungeons & Dragons license. SSI made the long-running “Gold Box” series, and Interplay released quite a few games, including the popular and extremely well-received Planescape: Torment and BioWare’s classic Baldur’s Gate series.

So, Atari? What’s up? You guys are letting a great opportunity slip through your fingers. Where other companies made genre-changing classics, Atari is just sort of churning out the occasional game based in a D&D campaign setting (and Daggerdale may very well be faithful to the 4E ruleset, I don’t know yet). It just seems like with all the myriad pre-made settings D&D offers (and the weight and probable cost of the license), Atari would be doing more with it. Oh well, I guess this Half-Elf Thief is just going to have to play Baldur’s Gate again.

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