Identity of PSN Users in Danger Due to Hack

It seems that the worst fear of PS3 owners has finally become a reality. In today’s entry on the PlayStation Blog, Patrick Seybold, the head of Corporate Communications and Social Media stated that the identity, birth date, and credit card information of all PSN members are believed to be compromised.

The consumer alert by Sony suggests that anyone who owns a PSN account should take steps to prevent identity theft. In addition, users should also monitor their credit history, place a fraud alert on their credit, and look at bank accounts should any fraud occur. It is also advisable that users might want to change their credit cards and expiration dates on the cards, all while still keeping a close eye on bank accounts.

This statement comes six days after the initial shutdown of the PlayStation Network on 20 April, which Sony stated as an “external intrusion.” On 21 April, Sony declared that the PSN could be down for an undetermined amount of days. The hacktivist group Anonymous has declared that they are not responsible for the PSN shutdown and hack, which makes the perpetrators’ identities unknown.

According to VG247, Sony’s admittance of the hack after six days has even angered U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) who sent an e-mail to SCEA president Jack Tretton asking as to why PSN users were not notified earlier of the hack.

In the end, PSN users should be cautious and take steps to ensure that their identity and money are secure.

The original alert by Sony can be seen here.

Source: VG247

Share Your Thoughts: What do you think about the entire fiasco? Do you think that Sony will come up with a solution soon or will it take even longer to solve the problem? Will you trust Sony after this incident?

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