Portal 2 DLC Will Be FREE!

In Case Valve Wasn’t Cool Enough Already…

They have promised the first Portal 2 DLC to be absolutely free on all systems. The new content will include more challenging puzzles for both single and multiplayer aspects of the game, along with leader boards… if you care for that sort of thing. The Portal 2 DLC has slated to arrive “this summer”.

Now, shame on all of you who complained about Portal 2 being “too short” or “too easy”.

More information as we get it.

3 Responses to “Portal 2 DLC Will Be FREE!”
  1. Joe Walker says:

    As much as I love the Xbox 360 I was really upset that Valve couldn’t port over its Team Fortress 2 updates to the 360 version because Microsoft wouldn’t allow free DLC at the time. I mean, the only reason they’re allowing it now is because it’s going to be free on PS3, but still. Step in the right direction, I suppose.

  2. Jehovah says:

    Would it have been declared free if no one had complained in the first place…

    • Armand K. says:

      Valve has a history of supporting and adding content for their games long after release. I actually expected them to do this sort of thing.

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