Podbytes – Episode 4: Long-Running Franchises

Download the episode here! Right click, save as

In this installment of Podbytes, Pascal, Chad, Armand, Martin, and Joe sit down to discuss several of gaming’s most famous long-running franchises to analyze why they’ve lasted as long as they have and whether or not it’s time to put them out to pasture.

Listen in, and please share your thoughts in the comments!

11 Responses to “Podbytes – Episode 4: Long-Running Franchises”
  1. flameboy says:

    Hey get it up on itunes to increase you listener numbers! Great show by the way!

    • Joe Walker says:

      Thanks! We’re working on getting listed on iTunes… hopefully by episode 5!

    • Gil says:

      Yeah you guys really need to get these up on itunes. I can’t direct download here at work. The internet natzis don’t allow it. I can however subscribe to itunes podcasts and they download fine. Must be some very rudimentary hacking that I’m doing or something 😀 Well I hope to hear Episode 5 on itunes! Keep up the great work.

      • Joe Walker says:

        Does streaming it work for you? I’m not sure what the player uses (flash, java, whatever) but there should be the option directly under the picture.

        If not, that’s one more reason for us to continue marching towards iTunes!

      • Gil says:

        Well… Streaming it does work albeit rather slowly. The major problem with that is it would consume bandwidth. There is a lot of file transferring at work and using the interwebs for things not related to work is strongly discouraged as it would actually interfere with customers uploading artwork. Streaming music/videos has been mentioned time and time again as a reason that our connection is slow. I probably shouldn’t push it. I guess an easy solution would be to download it at home and bring it in to work… yeah that’s what I’m gonna have ta do 😦 Slightly less convenient.

  2. Martin Watts says:

    Ba! I’ve realised my error with regards to discussing Starfox towards the end. Oh well!

  3. Max says:

    Enjoyed the discussion, guys.

    But have none of you played Super Paper Mario? I’d have to say that’s tied with SMB3 for my favourite Mario title. I don’t recall any of you mentioning one of the Paper games!

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