Resistance 3 Demo Incoming: Available 14 June with Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-Ray

Good News for Those Desperate to Fight the Chimera Once Again

If waiting until 6 September 2011 in order to finally play the next installment of Insomniac’s Resistance series is getting you down, then you need to read this. Come 14 June, all your problems in life will be solved (well, maybe not all of of them). That’s because customers who pick up a copy of the recent blockbuster movie Battle: Los Angeles will also get the chance to get thirty minutes of hands-on playtime with a gameplay demo of Resistance 3 that will be included with the film’s Blu-Ray release.

The demo will feature the boat stage that has been portrayed in a number of the game’s video trailers. The spotlight has shifted from Nathan Hale, hero of the first two games, to Joe Capelli, a squad mate of Hale’s in the second game. It’s 1957, and the majority of humanity has been crushed in the battle against the Chimera. As a member of the dwindling population of survivors, it’s up to you to bring the Chimera down, and it looks set to be a rather epic battle for survival.

We should hopefully have a hands-on impression of the demo closer to the time, as well as more news and media on the game as we receive it, so stay tuned.

Source: G4TV

Share your thoughts: Will you be purchasing a copy of Battle: Los Angeles in order to get your hands on the Resistance 3 demo? Will it be the best one yet in the series? Let us know in the comments section below!

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