Review: Angry Birds (Chrome)

With Google announcing the Chromebooks (Chrome OS laptops), Rovio was quick to make a port of the game. I’m sure all you readers are just dying to hear more about Angry Birds. So without further delay, let’s check out everyone’s favorite birds!

Its really just a web game, but in HD…

If it wasn’t already obvious, Angry Birds is on the Chrome Web Store. This version now available is a beta, and quite honestly feels like one. Keep in mind that apps on the Chrome Web Store are just glorified websites. Upon launching the game, you have the choice of playing the game in HD or SD. I loaded up both versions and didn’t see much (if any) difference. I’m sure the SD version has a smaller streaming size. The load time is actually what suprised me the most. The game has about a 10 second load time and never seemed to lag. This is great for people like me that have terribly slow internet. Although with a game like this it shouldn’t take more that 15 seconds to load.

Screenshot of Angry Birds on Chrome...

The birds are back…again.

As far as gameplay goes, it’s Angry Birds – what more can be said? Most everyone has at least heard of, if not played, Angry Birds. Rovio has taken the iOS game and brought it to the web. At the moment there are only two main levels to play through. The first is the basic Angry Birds layout, with twenty-one stages to play through. The second is a special “Chrome” themed level, or at least that’s what the game hints towards. This port of the game adds at least one cool feature. I did notice that you can use track pad gestures within the game. By moving two fingers vertically you can zoom in and out. Please note that I am using a MacBook, so this may not work on all laptops.

The Final Verdict:

In the end, Angry Birds on Chrome is just that; Angry Birds. It’s a nice port and will probably be wildly popular among the Angry Birds community. There are going to be additional levels added to the game, I’m sure, once it’s out of the beta. If you want to try Angry Birds, it’s currently free in the Chrome Web Store. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Chrome!

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