Eidos Servers Hacked; Anonymous to Blame?

Eidos, publishers of the upcoming, much-anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution, have reported a successful hack into their own servers. A group of hackers has forcibly given themselves access to both Eidos Montreal’s server as well as the actual Deus Ex gaming website. This time around, however, no credit card or financial information was accessed or leaked; instead, hackers may have made off with “350 résumés…and up to 25,000 email addresses” of former Eidos applicants.

It seems the hackers responsible for this latest intrusion are a rogue arm of the now-infamous hacker collective Anonymous. Anonymous itself seems awash with infighting and squabbling, as some of its members are allegedly hacking each other, and have even pointed a few fingers in each other’s direction to assign blame for the recent PSN hack debacle.

These facts would lead one to a few simple conclusions, and raises a couple of common sense questions:

~This latest hack of Eidos’ servers seems to have yielded next to no plausible cause for a hack; certainly no “useful” or damaging info was looted;

Is it only a matter of time before new targets are hacked?

~If this, as well as previous hack jobs, can truly be attributed to loose cannons from Camp Anonymous firing off half-cocked, then the group itself has lost any type of control – and, thus, purpose – it may have once had;

~Can we expect these random acts of cyber-espionage to continue? If so, who or what will be the next target(s)?

~Will other companies follow Sony’s example and beef up their servers’ security to preempt a possible infiltration?

~Will we see any changes in online law enforcement in response to these online thefts? Are a server hack and email theft even on par with a physical B&E?

~And finally: Is there anybody who can reliably sum up the plot of the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, because I’m sure I’ll be dragged to see it soon, and watching the first three movies really didn’t seem to help my understanding any. Okay, so this one’s a little off topic…

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

Share Your Thoughts: Is it important that Anonymous be stopped in their tracks before they unravel and implode, scattering disgruntled hackers to the four winds? Or are these constant hacks starting to get annoying by interrupting coverage of the Royal Wedding’s aftermath?

3 Responses to “Eidos Servers Hacked; Anonymous to Blame?”
  1. bradleyw735 says:

    Quick to throw blame on anon…assholes

    • Chad M. says:

      I think the mistake here is assuming that Anonymous is really an organization. Honestly, considering it’s the Deus Ex site, this could turn out to be some kind of conspiracy. Viral marketing.

      I can’t be the only one who played the original who’s thinking that way.

    • OP:
      You say that as if Anonymous is a noble organisation; over the last few months, it has proven itself to be quite the contrary.

      Even if it was a few Anon “rogues”, they still operate under the same banner.

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