Alice: Madness Returns Players to Receive Original Game as Bonus

Curiouser and Curiouser

As if Lewis Carroll’s century-and-a-half old psychotropic LSD-headtrip style novel wasn’t already far-out and downright scary enough, not helped by movie adaptations, each creepier and more surreal than the last (I swear, I had a hard time not being freaked out by Tim Burton’s recent take on it), PC gamers were treated to a bizarre and twisted version of it in American McGee’s Alice. It may have seemed redundant to make this already surreal tale even darker, but this was successfully accomplished. Now, the anté has been upped, a sequel is set to release soon, and, best of all, it seems that console gamers will soon have a chance to catch up on this missed opportunity!

We’re All Mad Here

Console versions of the upcoming Alice: Madness Returns will receive a free copy of the original Alice game, which will be a brand new release for consoles. PC gamers will also have the opportunity to purchase both games in a compilation package entitled Alice: Madness Returns – The Complete Collection. However, the PC double-pack will apparently only be available for purchase via EA’s online store.

Off With Her Head!

As a final added bonus, consumers who wish to use GameStop, Amazon, or EA to pre-order the game (on any console) will also receive a download code for a nine-track soundtrack to the game, in addition to an extra bonus track by Chris Vrenna, of Nine Inch Nails fame and composer of Alice’s musical score.

Alice: Madness Returns is scheduled for release on 14 June.


Share Your Thoughts: Are you looking forward to a first/second romp through Wonderland and re-living Alice’s nightmares again? Or does it all just seem too maniacally twisted?

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