L.A. Noire Too Hot For PS3s to Handle?

Epic Fail, 3.61-Style

Reports have surfaced on Rockstar’s support webpage that PS3 users are having problems with the system shutting off while playing Rockstar’s sandbox detective story, L.A. Noire. For the most part, the systems affected by this problem seem to be the older, backwards-compatible 60 and 80 GB models.

Rockstar has responded that it is not, in fact, their game causing the problem, but in fact Sony’s own firmware update recently pushed out to PS3s. Firmware update 3.61, which was part of Sony’s fix to get the PSN back online again, and has since been distributed to PS3s whenever they’ve logged on to Sony’s network, seems to be the culprit. The update is not being handled well by certain hardware models, and causes a shutdown or Red Light during gameplay. Rockstar is quick to point out that this issue is not occurring solely with L.A. Noire, but with other, non-Rockstar games as well.

A final solution to the problem has yet to be announced in a formal statement by Sony, but for the time being Rockstar is advising afflicted users to contact Sony regarding their console difficulties.

Source: GamePro

Share Your Thoughts: Damn, is your PS3 down again, just as you got back online? Or were you safe from this latest bump in the road?

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