Margaritaville Online: Probably the Most Laid Back Gaming Experience Ever!

Missing: One Last Shaker of Salt

A veritable lifetime’s worth of slackers, couch potatoes, and work shirkers have adopted Jimmy Buffett’s laid-back Margaritaville state-of-mind. Thanks to Exploding Barrel Games and THQ, this fall gamers can enjoy the same unburdened and relaxed feeling in Margaritaville Online.

Developed for Facebook and iOS devices, Margaritaville is a social online gaming experience, meant more for rest and relaxation than lightning reflexes and twitch combat. Players will be able to create their own beachside fun-spot, complete with frozen Piña Coladas and luau atmosphere. Set to a tropical soundtrack of Buffett favorites, the object is to make friends and invite them over to start a beach band, open your own tiki bar, or participate in a number of other beachy activities. Above all though: make sure you devote plenty of time to simply “wasting away”. Characters lifted from Buffett’s songs and writing will also make appearances in the game, such as Captain Tony from “Last Mango in Paris”.

With the interpersonal and addictive quality already inherent in Facebook, it will be little wonder to see a resurgence in the numbers of Parrotheads worldwide being converted to Buffett’s tutelage. Word has it that there’s a certain woman to blame for all this, but she could not be reached for comment. Says Jimmy Buffett himself:

The Margaritaville laidback state of mind is inherently social, and THQ has captured the spirit of that lifestyle in this game. With Margaritaville Online, fans across the globe can party together any time and any place.

 Source: Games Press

Share Your Thoughts: Will you be the biggest cheeseburger in Paradise? Or does the concept of a casual social game leave you restless to go do some accounting?

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