More Skyward Sword Details Revealed

An interview with Eiji Aonuma in Famitsu magazine unveils many unknown aspects about Skyward Sword.

Review: Alice: Madness Returns (360/PS3/PC)

Caught somewhere between dream and nightmare, Spicy Horse’s and EA’s efforts have paid off in a pleasing platformer with visual appeal.

Witcher 2 Confirmed for Xbox 360…but Not Everywhere

THQ announces The Witcher 2 to be making a limited appearance on the Xbox 360.

3D Trailers Inbound to European 3DS eShop

3D trailers will be yours to download from the 3DS eShop starting tomorrow.

Nintendo Says No to Operation Rainfall Campaign

Nintendo responds to the fan-fuelled campaign for Japanese Wii titles.

Patch Notes: A Twin-Stick Shooter With a Fantastic Twist

Patch Notes

Check out Patch Notes, a twin-stick shooter with an amazingly unique twist: Every ten seconds, the game is “patched” which radically changes the gameplay for all four players.

First Stronghold 3 Trailer Debuts

Stronghold 3’s first trailer has got castles. Naturally.

Ten Minutes of High-G Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Gameplay

Fancy yourself a high-flyer? Check out ten minutes of newly released Ace Combat: Assault Horizon footage.

Blizzard Commences Free-to-Play World of Warcraft

Blizzard have commenced a free-to-play ‘Starter Edition’ of the world’s most popular MMO, allowing players to advance to level 20 without paying a dime.

Page to Pixel: Dune Part 2 – Dune 2000 and Beyond…

It is by will alone I set my keyboard in motion. It is by coffee that thoughts acquire speed…

Bodycount Release Date Announced

Better get your gun ready, you’re gonna be blowing up a lot of bad guys this summer!

Xenoblade Chronicles EU Release Date Announced

Highly-anticipated Wii RPG finally gets a release date for European territories

Skyward Sword Contains a Key Musical Instrument

Will Link use the ocarina once more? Unlikely, but he needs something to play his way to victory!

Black Ops Is Biggest-Selling Game Ever in UK

Black Ops does the predictable and becomes the UK’s biggest-selling game. Ever.

“Operation Rainfall” Gains Massive Support As Web Mobilises Against Nintendo

North American Wii owners unite to try and bring Japan-/Europe-only games to their shores.

Activision Registers New GoldenEye 007 Game Web Domain Names?

Is Activision planning a new GoldenEye 007 game? And if so, for which format(s)?

Operation Flashpoint: Red River DLC Valley of Death Trailer Released

The first expansion for Codemasters’ co-op shooter features eight new maps.

Despite Court Ruling, Senator Yee Still Hopes for Videogame Law

Even though the United States Supreme Court has ruled against the Californian violent videogames legislation, Senator Leland Yee is continuing his push for a new law.

Supreme Court Rules that California Cannot Ban Violent Games Sales

The Supreme Court used the First Amendment as its reason for the decision.

Summer of Arcade Inbound for Xbox Live

Summer’ lovin, had me a blast! Summer lovin’, got me five-consecutive-weeks-of-new-XBLA-titles! Well-uh well-uh well-uh… Read some more, read some more inside.

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