Hideo Kojima Announces Development of Fox Engine

Biggu Nuzu Da!

While Hideo Kojima might not be showing up at this year’s E3, he still has news that is bound to please audiences. In a video with Mark MacDonald, the executive director of 8-4 Ltd., Kojima announced the development of the Fox Engine by Kojima Productions for an untitled project as part of Konami’s pre-E3 event.

Kojima said that the engine is multiplatform, which is further reinforced with the Dualshock and Xbox 360 controllers, and PCs in the background. In addition, he stated that with the Fox Engine he hopes to put out “great games with shorter development time”.

The engine was created right after the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and work on the engine continued during the development of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. The engine will be used in Kojima’s next game, which is still being kept under wraps, but he said that it will be multiplatform and transfarring-enabled, which is the new save feature created by Kojima Productions. As for the gameplay that is used to demonstrate the engine, which consisted of a character in a jungle environment with a dog and a horse, Kojima said that it is not an actual game, but more of a way for the developers to do some research for the Fox Engine.

In addition, he said that 2011 will be a “big year of preparations” for the development team, and gave hints about other possible titles to be released in 2012 other than Metal Gear Solid Rising. However, we still have Metal Gear Solid 3D and the Metal Gear Solid HD collection coming out this year, so our Snake cravings will be satisfied.

Source: 1UP 

Share Your Thoughts: What do you think is Kojima’s new project? Will the Fox Engine become successful?

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