There’s a New Digital Distributor in Town, and it Deals in Indies

Show Me the Games!

No no, I don’t want you to really show me anything. Just head on over to where you’ll find a slew of top notch indie games. The site was organized and put together by none other than indie gaming veteran Cliff Harris of Positech Games, who brought us such fantastic titles as Gratuitous Space Battles, Democracy, Kudos, and Rock Legend. It’s no surprise, seeing as Cliff’s been championing DRM-free indie games for as long as he’s been on the scene.

I asked Cliff why he put together a digital distribution site focused on indie games:

…the basic plan for showmethegames is that it showcases high quality indie games that sell direct to gamers, so only games that can be bought direct are eligible to be on the site. I also have to think they are of a reasonable quality, and it helps if they already have some visibility and popularity. Ultimately, what I wanted was a site that when people find their first indie game and like it, they can be directed to SMTG and it’s an answer to the question ‘what other decent indie games are out there?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But I already have Steam to get my gaming fix, who needs yet another digital distributor?” Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that, but I said it anyway. Well, here is Cliff again on why you should use SMTG:

The thing that is different about SMTG is we don’t take a cut, or make any money. You still buy direct from the developers. Effectively, the site is subsidized by sales of my own games (Gratuitous Space Battles, etc).

And as to the great and powerful Steam dominating much of the digital distribution world?

I love Steam, I have a game on sale through Steam, and I buy some games there, but not all games, especially indie games, are on there, and also I think competition is always good, so I think there is plenty of room to have Steam, plus other portals alongside my humble effort like SMTG.

So check out the site, pick up some new stuff, or buy the promotional bundle including Gratuitous Space Battles, Castle Vox, Evochron: Mercenary, Fate of the World, and Smugglers IV for the ridiculously low price of $28.50!

One Response to “There’s a New Digital Distributor in Town, and it Deals in Indies”
  1. Gregg B says:

    I hope Show Me The Games becomes the ‘Steam’ outlet for indies because hell, they need one for the added exposure and income. That site’s also reminded me: I need to get Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble.

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