Mass Effect 3 Will Feature Voice-Activated Gameplay


At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Bioware’s Dr. Ray Muzyka, along with a member of his development staff, demonstrated an unexpected new gameplay mechanic for the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3.

You might have thought that we’d get a bit more information on the game’s story, but no, Bioware had something else up their sleeve. In the parts of the game shown, which looked like they were set on the Citadel, a scarred-up Commander Shepard proceeded to engage a mysterious female character in some conversation. The twist was that, instead of selecting dialog options from the familiar dialog wheel (which is still present), Kinect users can simply speak the on-screen dialog options to have Shep use it.

Dr. Muzyka was quick to point out that there was much more than just dialog being affected by voice gameplay. The second part of the demo showed Shepard’s squad in combat, with the player shouting orders to Shepard’s squadmates, such as “Liara, Singularity!” or “Garrus, cover!”. This makes combat have a brand-new dimension, at least in terms of immersion. However, gamers who like to rely on their squad’s AI to do its job, and don’t like to micro-manage each ally’s every move may be overwhelmed using this approach – one would be required to have a total overview of the battlefield and a full understanding of each character’s combat abilities at all times.

While voice recognition in the game is a cool addition, the previous games were popular based on their ability for the story to enthrall players. Hopefully we’ll get more info on the third installment’s story coming soon!


Share Your Thoughts: Is voice-activated play the leap forward Mass Effect needed, or only a gimmick?

2 Responses to “Mass Effect 3 Will Feature Voice-Activated Gameplay”
  1. Chad M. says:

    Meh…Gimmick. I feel like pointing at the Angry Video Game Nerd’s Nintendo accesories bit. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! F***! F***FIRE!

  2. Armand K. says:

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? Why do developers think voice commands are something anyone wants. Nothing like waking up everyone in the house during late night gaming sessions.

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