Hands-On Impressions: Need for Speed: The Run (360/PS3/Wii/PC)

We’ve received first reports from our E3 on-the-floor ace correspondent, Sebastian Force. Seb’s been spotted loitering near the EA booth, and has secured himself some hands-on time with the adrenaline-fueled racing/footchase game, Need for Speed: The Run. The game was shown off yesterday for the first time. Here are Seb’s first impressions:

  • Driving controls are extremely simulation-like, way harder to control than NFS: Hot Pursuit
  • Chased by a helicopter during one level; surprisingly, it wasn’t scripted – you could actually die!
  • I’m unsure about the main character; he looks extremely generic.
  • The sim aspect makes driving under pressure a lot harder…Hot Pursuit-style might have worked better.

Seb will continue to deliver news and first-hand insight straight from the E3 show floor, so fresh you’ll swear you can actually taste the salty tang of hundreds of anxious gamers who haven’t slept or showered for the last two days. Yum. Check back for more later!

One Response to “Hands-On Impressions: Need for Speed: The Run (360/PS3/Wii/PC)”
  1. joseph72 says:

    Is the game play going to be the same for every console i wonder ’cause i got ‘nother nfs game awhile back and it was for wii and it looked and played differently. whats up with that?

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