Hands-On Impressions: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC/PS3/360)

Hello, Mr. Jensen

The one and only Sebastian Force dishes out his first impressions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution! Will his report entice you to buy the game in August? Decide for yourself.

  • It is primarily a stealth shooter. You are given very little ammo and takedowns take up your energy.
  • You can upgrade your body armaments with cybernetics, which will drastically improve gameplay.
  • The controls are oddly designed, so they take some getting used to. The takedowns I mentioned earlier are incredibly satisfying before they run out. However, sneaking up behind someone and having Adam pull out two swords and stabbing someone never gets old.
  • The A.I.  could use some work. At Med, people would run up to me like this was a last-gen Splinter Cell.  I was standing right in front of a door and the A.I. walked up and stood in the entry hall shooting at the door.
  • Adam moves quick and the cover system is good, exactly like Gears of War.

Stay tuned for even more previews as Sebastian keeps checking out other games at E3!

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