Browser-Based Bullet Hell MMO Realm of the Mad God Launched

Developers Spry Fox and Wildshadow Studios launched a browser-based free to play MMO, Realm of the Mad God. Not only is this title a free-to-play game, but it is quite a unique amalgamation of genres. Essentially a bullet hell shooter, the game eschews traditional shooter sensibilities of featuring some type of spaceship or other flying vehicle (like the excellent Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, which we reviewed earlier this month). Instead, it is clad in a fantasy skin, with wizards, warriors, ogres, and elves instead of spaceships, aliens, and robot drones out to destroy you.

In addition, Realm of the Mad God puts players into an MMO-based gameworld, where you share a persistent map with other players. Instead of missions and stages, your aim is to complete quests and gain experience by finding and slaying certain boss creatures roaming the land. Weapons, armor, magic spells, potions, gold, and other lootable items round out the fantasy-MMO experience.

Spry Fox CEO David Edery explains his company’s creation by alluding to the “long tail” phenomenon, which has been boiled down to this “simple” definition: “We sold more books today that didn’t sell at all yesterday than we sold today of all the books that did sell yesterday.” Don’t worry, there is an actual sense to this explanation, although it may take a minute to think it through. Edery summed it up with this statement:

A game like this simply isn’t going to appeal to most people who play it, no matter how well-designed the game may be. And on the Web, that’s entirely OK!

Intrigued? Give the game a go and decide for yourself here.

Interestingly, the BnB staff recently discussed the future of MMO design. Could this be an answer…?

Source: GamePro

Share Your Thoughts: Are you like “A free-to-play bullet hell MMO? Let me at ’em!” or more like “Wha…? I’m still trying to figure out this ‘long tail’ thing…”?

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