Activision Registers New GoldenEye 007 Game Web Domain Names?

GoldenEye 007 Wii

Is Yet Another GoldenEye 007 Game on the Way?

Puissance-Nintendo has reported that Activision has registered a series of new web domain addresses that are linked to the James Bond GoldenEye 007 franchise.  Activision isn’t the sort of company to aimlessly throw its money at something, but what exactly are the domain names being put aside for?

The publishing giant has registered four domain names:,,, and goldeneye007reloaded.comGiven the “reloaded” term that appears to have made its way into the title, there are three very sensible conclusions that the team at Puissance-Nintendo have come to.  In the first instance, we could well see another GoldenEye 007 game making its way onto Wii, after the success of last year’s remake.  However, it could also be a HD-remastered version for the Wii U, or a port across to the PlayStation 3 and/or Xbox 360.

Details remain very sketchy for the meanwhile, and this could still turn out to be nothing especially worthwhile.  Nevertheless, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open and let you know as soon as we know more information.

Source: Puissance-Nintendo

One Response to “Activision Registers New GoldenEye 007 Game Web Domain Names?”
  1. Glen Mather says:

    I heard rumblings about more GoldenEye last year.

    When the Wii version was being wrapped up, I heard from a guy who knows people at Eurocom (I think he’d actually been over to the offices) that there was more GoldenEye on the way – that was last September.

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