Call of Duty XP Infiltrating L.A. in September

Pwning L.A.!

Taking a page out of Blizzard’s playbook, Activision is preparing their version of the annual BlizzCon: a Call of Duty fanfest taking place in Los Angeles this September. The event will take place on 2 & 3 September, with tickets going on sale 19 July. Activision expects a turnout of roughly 6,000 fans; the price of attendance will be $150 per ticket.

Now, before you navigate to your cursor’s Back button while protectively eyeing your wallet, take a look at what’s been planned for the event:

  • There will be a life-size replica of “The Pit”, one of the maps from Modern Warfare 2, for attendees to interact with
  • A real-life Burger Town from Modern Warfare
  • Paintball
  • AAA musical entertainment
  • A $1 million in prize money at a Call of Duty tournament (Glad you kept reading? Kind of puts the $150 ticket price in perspective.)
  • An unveiling of Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer, with demo stations set up, as well as details on Call of Duty Elite

In one final coup-de-grace, Activision is donating all proceeds from the event to the Call of Duty Endowment, a charity that aids returning veterans and helps them to find jobs. Now that’s class!

Source: GamePro

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