Fashion/Human Rights Edutainment Title Sweatship Welcoming Workers Soon


Son, Do You Think Clothes Just Grow On Trees?

UK-based Channel 4 Education and charity Labour Behind the Label are joining forces to bring us Sweatshop, a game designed to educate players about the seedy underbelly of the fashion industry that teenagers are, unavoidably, slaves to.

The game asks players to run a sweatshop, dealing with meeting the customer demand for product while meeting the needs of their factory workers. Taking central stage are the factory owner, “Boss”, and the exploited underage worker, “Boy”.

The game sounds like a management sim with the aim to educate; hopefully it can do so while it also entertains. Littleloud Studios, the game’s developer, already has to its credit the well-made sci-fi adventure game The Curfew; it looks as if Sweatshop is in more than capable hands.

This is by far not the only edutainment title we’ve seen recently. Recently, our very own Armand Kossayan took an up-close look at the quirkily animated title The Cat and the Coup, and spent some time a few months ago musing on education in videogames in general. It’s still too soon for this to be called a budding trend, but it promises to be a refreshing change to see some more quality titles address life lessons or important historical events like this.

Click here to go to the official Sweatshop page, or check out Littleloud’s The Curfew here.

Source: GamePro

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