Final Fantasy VI on Virtual Console

Oh, the Memories…

If you’re still reading this, you’ve already wasted too much time. If the title wasn’t enough to send you Wii owners running to get onto the Virtual Console service, then this is your official order! Final Fantasy VI (known to us “old-school” SNES owners as Final Fantasy III) is now available on Nintendo’s download service.

Although the game has been released multiple times on various consoles, there may still be four or five of you out there who’ve heard of the legend, the legacy, but have never picked it up. RPG enthusiasts frequently name FFVI among their personal top 5 lists, more than occasionally giving it top honors. In this writer’s humble opinion, the game was the definitive reason to own a SNES (yes, I’m not forgetting you, Chrono Trigger). In fact, as an adolescent I saved my allowance for months and agreed to weeks of chores and housework just for a ride to the store to buy this game (times were hard for us gamers “back in those days”)!

If you’re an RPG enthusiast, or like old-school games – hell, if you play games, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up! It is just that good. You’ve been given your marching orders…now go and make us proud.

Source: GamePro

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