iOS Episodic Title Supergay Blurs the Lines Some More

Smashing Through the Boundaries

Supergay & the Attack of His Ex-Girlfriends is an episodic game on iOS platforms. It is published by Klicrainbow, and the initial game on the AppStore costs USD 2.99. Okay, there’s the bare bones info.

Now for what sets the game apart from the pack. As the title, through the use of a sophomoric insult, implies, the game’s protagonist is a homosexual superhero. By day a scientist engaged-to-be-wed to his boss’s daughter and more than a bit unsure about his orientation, Dr. Tom Palmer has to embrace the closeted part of his identity if he’s to come out and defeat evil.

Should we be worried about the comically bright pink open-chested spandex suit Supergay wears, or the fact that his weapon is named the Rainbow Ray? Undoubtedly, there’ll be those who find this portrayal damagingly stereotypical, and those whose existence of an openly gay hero in videogames just sticks in their craw. But the real soul (and Klicrainbow’s message) behind this game can be found in its tagline: “Be yourself”.

Source: GamePro

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