World of Tanks Making the Jump from Freemium Online to Retail Store Copies

Driving This Tank in Reverse

In an unprecedented move, World of Tanks developer has partnered with Interactive Gaming Software to ship hard copies of its shell-blasting tank MMO to North American retail stores. At a time when more and more games are making the jump away from retail shelves to online distribution services like Steam, and considering the recent interest in free-to-play as a profitable enterprise, it seems a bit surprising to find an already well-received game going in the opposite direction.

Apparently, despite the game being well-received and having received numerous awards and records (including Guinness World Record for “Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server”), it hasn’t yet reached the potential its developers were going for in North America. Founder and CEO of Interactive Gaming Software had the following to say:

World of Tanks has been incredibly popular in Europe. We are delighted to have the opportunity to help bring this stunning game to a North American audience. We also think this partnership has huge potential for both companies.

The retail version of World of Tanks will soon be available for USD 19.99.

Source: GamePro

One Response to “World of Tanks Making the Jump from Freemium Online to Retail Store Copies”
  1. Encrazed Crafts says:

    Having played WoT quite a bit a few months back, I’m glad to see the devs are doing well for their efforts. The only bit that has me scratching my head is the part about most online players on one server. 91,000 is a nice number, but how many of those were able to play in the same game at once? Under 30? Battlefield 1942 has had way more than that eons ago. And if they are going to give out a trophy for something like that, WoW pvp is pretty much all instanced as well, and they have a hell of a bigger player pool.

    Maybe I’m being a bit harsh. Hmm. I dig the idea to make Guinness more relevant, but could they get some actual gamers working the awards? How about one for largest simultaneous battle? Something actually worthy of an award? Right now it reeks of amateurism at best and secretly paid advertisement at worst.

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