Open Beta for Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Available Now

Yes, We Know, We Saw the Water Too

Here’s a special treat for you PS3 players who’ve paid attention during E3 and experienced the excitement of the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, but who have since not been too attentive to their PlayStation Store. The game’s multiplayer has an open beta available for all players who wish to participate.

The remainder of the open beta has been split into two parts, each with its own multiplayer modes available. Currently underway (until 9 July) are the game types Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Team Objective, Hardcore, and Co-op Hunter, playable on both the Airstrip and Chateau maps.

After this phase has been concluded – from 10 July to 14 July, when the beta officially closes again – the multiplayer modes on offer will be Team Deathmatch and Three Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Hardcore, Co-op Adventure, and Co-op Arena. For this phase, players will be able to experience the Airstrip and Yemen  maps.

Source: GamePro

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