Dom, Cole, Baird: Pre-Order Your Gears 3 Console from GAME, Now!

Hell, everyone needs a second 360.

This Looks Satisfying

If your love for assault rifle-mounted chainsaws transcends all normal barriers, and should your desire to commit genocide on the entire Locust horde permeate the ether of your very dreams, the upcoming limited edition Gears of War 3-themed Xbox 360 console might be right up your alley.

The UK’s GAME is amongst the first retailers to begin pre-orders for the exclusive console. The £270 bundle includes a 320GB console painted with the series’ trademark “Crimson Omen” logo, plus two similarly designed wireless controllers. The console will come pre-loaded with custom sounds, so you’ll never go more than a few hours without hearing the sweet music of a blade cutting through muscle and bone. If that wasn’t enough, coupled to a black wireless headset for optimum online presence, players will have access to exclusive DLC, featuring Marcus Fenix’s father, Adam, as an unlockable character, and reskins of the five starter weapons, like the Lancer and Hammerburst.

Oh, and you’ll get the game, too.

Pre-order it here and pick it up on the game’s day of release on 20 September. Stay tuned as other retailers worldwide follow suit!

Source: VG247

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