PSN Pass: Insomniac Games Responds

Resist the Change!

A few days ago, a photo emerged on German website Konsolentreff that threw a lot of PS3 users and most Resistance fans into complete chaos. The image in question was of the PS3 console and Resistance 3 bundle box, due for release on 6 September, depicting a logo for the PSN Pass, which the public had not seen before.

Speculation began everywhere, but the consensus, according to sources such as IGN and Eurogamer, is that this will be a program exclusive to only a handful of games (initially), involving a one-time-use code that players will input upon first purchasing the game to allow online play. This means that second-hand players will not have access to the online services that Resistance 3 and any other games that may jump on the bandwagon have to offer, unless they want to pay a price (which has not yet been confirmed).

Since the initial reveal, loyal Resistance fans have been outraged, and many took to the Insomiac Games Forums to get their points across. Since then, Insomniac have been responding to as many of these comments as they can. Most notably came the clarification from James Stevenson, the Senior Community Manager at the studio, who had this to say on the forums.

If you buy R3 new, nothing will change and the PSN pass is free inside the box.There is no “monthly fee”

more specifics when I can share

The bottom line seems to be that, although Insomniac Games don’t want to upset anybody, they do want to reward their loyal fans by providing them with the best online experience possible, whilst making a little bit of money on the side from the people who buy it secondhand. Whether it will work or not will be left up to the people who buy the games.

Share Your Thoughts: Is this a smart move from Insomniac Games and Sony, or will it cost them the respect of valuable fans?

2 Responses to “PSN Pass: Insomniac Games Responds”
  1. Encrazed Crafts says:

    I honestly thought EA or Activision would have done this first. In fact, of *all* games to tack this idea to first, why Resistance? Honestly? I thought the first one was officially labelled as “meh” and the second one down right disappointing. I could be way off, but other than a handful of promos I heard nothing out of them since.

    -Sucker Punch made Sly Cooper and then upgraded to inFamous.
    -Naughty Dog did Crash, then upgraded to Jak and Daxter before upping it again to Drake’s Fortune.
    -Insomniac started with Spyro, upgraded to Ratchet and Clank, then upped it with Resistance. Only that game is dead in the water and a new-new series is in order. If this wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t be nearing completion of yet another Ratchet and Clank, bringing the total up to eight games in that series so far.

    Not to say R&C is bad, just it’s very close to Dynasty Warriors at this point. Insomniac is in some desperate need of new blood and new ideas, in my opinion. And tacking on something that can be skewed as a turn-off to new buyers is a terrible idea for a floundering series.

  2. Tom Rippon says:

    I think EA already have a system similar, but for which games, I couldn’t say for sure. I remember reading something about controversy surrounding their decision to bring in a payment scheme for second-hand gamers.

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