See You Starside, Bungie

As Bungie Day 2011 Comes to a Close, So Does Bungie’s Role in the Halo Universe…

The current generation of gamers cannot deny the impact that Bungie’s Halo franchise has had on its gaming habits. Personally, and I’m not scared to admit it, I probably wouldn’t be gaming today if it weren’t for the first time I picked up a classic Xbox controller and tried to play through Halo: Combat Evolved.

So I’m probably not the only one with a lump in their throat as I read through the open letter to fans that has recently been posted on Bungie’s official website. Bungie’s community manager, Eric Osborne, uses the opportunity to thank their loyal followers for “making our 20th Anniversary, and this year’s Bungie Day, kick so much ass.”

Osborne also discusses the Halo torch changing hands, as it were, as it was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con that Bungie would be relinquishing their control of the Halo franchise to 343 Industries, an internal Microsoft developer. He writes:

Its new caretakers will strive, just as we did, to be worthy stewards but you have the package. Hold these characters and stories and worlds to the same unflinching standards you did while we were at the helm, but allow them all to blossom and change and grow in the ways that they must.

A noble way to let go, that will no doubt make 343 Industries feel welcome in Bungie’s shoes, but also make the grieving process for fans a little easier.

However, the letter isn’t all doom and gloom, as it briefly brings up the subject of Bungie’s future. Osborne declares that the studio will be “going dark on our studio’s next major endeavor – the creation of a brand new universe”. He assures readers that it’s some way away, but nevertheless, this intriguing and exciting promise will renew fans’ love for Bungie.

Share Your Thoughts: Is the future of the Halo franchise in jeopardy, or will its “new caretakers” live up to Bungie’s high standards?

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