Info on Bethesda’s New Game – Finally!

Stealth, action, and superpowers. Think you’ve seen it all before? You’re probably about to have your mind blown.

Only a week ago, the world caught wind of a new franchise from Bethesda and Arkane. Its name? Dishonored. And up until now, there has been very little known about it.

We stress the “until now” in that sentence, because now we can finally get a grip on what to expect from the new title, and perhaps even multiple sequels, which have already been suggested.

Dishonored tells the story of Corvo, an important and respected bodyguard to the Empress. The game begins with Corvo being falsely imprisoned for the Empress’s murder, but inevitably that doesn’t all pan out quite as the forces that be intend, and Corvo is out and about, fighting in many different ways before you know it.

What really seems to make the game interesting is the style. Corvo has access to a range of supernatural abilities which he can use in combat; not only that, but he’s also pretty darn good at hand-to-hand combat, too – no doubt a formidable opponent, and probably quite a satisfying protagonist to get behind the wheel of. What really seems to appeal to most people is the way that you can combine these abilities to create different effects, creating a clever and natural evolution of tactics. Powers and abilities can be used to get you out of trouble, trick your opponents, and many other things.

It’s a clever assassination, action, and combat game with some really intelligent tech behind it, including the “Chaos System”, which allows the game environment to change depending on the amount of carnage you make Corvo cause. It also makes changes to the story, but according to Game Informer, doesn’t “punish the player or push them to play one way or another.”

More information about Dishonored will hopefully follow as hype for the game grows, but it looks like Bethesda have yet another ace up their sleeve.


One Response to “Info on Bethesda’s New Game – Finally!”
  1. Gregg B says:

    Arkane were responsible for Arx Fatalix and Dark Messiah Might and Magic and it sounds like Dishonored approaches combat in the same sort of way, allowing players to use different weapons, skills and elements of the environment together. Dark Messiah wasn’t a great game but it’s mechanics showed a lot of promise. Here’s hoping with Bethesda behind them, Arkane can pull this off.

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