Microsoft Reveals Xbox Music Rumour to Be False

Well, That Escalated Quickly

If you read yesterday’s article about the new Xbox Music service coming in autumn, we’re sorry to announce the rumour to be incorrect, as Microsoft have told VG247.

During the Microsoft Partner Conference yesterday, it was suggested that the new marketplace would be built upon Zune, Microsoft’s current music and film platform. Now it seems that the arrival of Xbox Music was pure fabrication.

Reports that Microsoft is launching a new music service on Xbox this fall are inaccurate.

A recent demonstration of upcoming Xbox features showcased what we will deliver later this fall on Xbox, including voice search with Bing on Xbox to locate and access entertainment content on the console. This includes Zune music which has a catalog of more than 11 million tracks.

It just goes to show how quickly good news spreads. Let’s just hope that embarrassing news travels just as quickly…

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