Call of Duty Elite Beta Begins Today

Will you be one of the lucky people invited to be a part of the first day of beta?

Two million people have applied to be a part of the beta of Call of Duty’s new service, and yesterday, the first invitations were sent out, ready for the service to begin today. The addition, named Call of Duty: Elite, is a part-free and part-subscription-based website and application, available online, on console, and on smartphones, which allows Call of Duty players all around the world to do what they do best – brag.

The service, which is currently being tested with Black Ops, shows players details about their previous games, habits, skills, and many other things, all in one neat little package. It’s building upon the statistics that are already accessible via the combat record in Black Ops, and Beachhead Studios, the developers of Elite, are promising that it will be implemented into future CoD releases, as well as hopefully some of the older titles.

Upon the initial announcement of the service, however, there was some heavy concern about exactly what this would mean for multiplayer – something Call of Duty is undeniably renowned for. The service promises this:

Elite only adds to the Call of Duty experience. Nothing will be taken away from the experience you know and love. If you want to continue to play Call of Duty as you always have, you will still be able to do just that…

There will be a subscription fee in place for people who want to access extra features of Elite, but those features are being kept under wraps, due to their link to the release of Modern Warfare 3, which is the game that Elite is primarily aiming itself at. However, free features will also be available, including sharing stats with friends, custom leaderboards, groups, and even a back-catalogue of your career in the Call of Duty franchise. From what can be read on the official website, the service already seems polished, ready to impress when it is released alongside Modern Warfare 3 on 11 November.

So until then, the question is this: were you one of the lucky ones that got in on the first wave of invites to the beta?


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