Final Fantasy Music/Rhythm Title in the Works

Classic Tunes Set to New Gameplay

To many gamers, both RPG fans and others alike, the tunes of Final Fantasy are much beloved and instantly recognizable. Nobuo Uematsu, who composed the music for FFI – XI of the main series, created many memorable songs, both pulse-pounding and heart-breaking. The music shares as much, if not more, in fans’ love for the series as do the gameplay, graphics, combat, etc. Many agree that just hearing a particular song (One-Winged Angel, Holding My Thoughts in My Heart, My Hands, Aria di Mezzo Carattere) brings back a well-spring of memories, and that without the series’ outstanding music, much of its chemistry would be lost.

If you’ve found yourself agreeing with the above (and happen to own a 3DS), then you’re in luck! Square Enix has officially announced a FF spinoff for the handheld: the (interestingly) music/rhythm-oriented Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Not an overwhelming amount of information is known about the title yet, but since no release date has yet been set, we’re sure to receive much more news in the months to come.

We do know that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will feature characters and music culled from the entirety of the main series. Some of the playable characters will include FFVII‘s Cloud, XIII‘s Lightning, and III‘s Onion Knight. Players will take a party of four characters into different worlds, each of which is based on one of the games in the FF canon. It seems likely that each game world will feature iconic music tracks from its original game. Unfortunately, it is still unclear in what way players will be “interacting” with the music; however, dungeon-crawling, towns, battles, leveling, and collectables – in other words many RPG staples – have all been promised.

For those readers versed in the Japanese language, you may be able to glean some additional info from the game’s site. Even without a working knowledge of written Japanese, a visit to the site offers a remixed version of the iconic Prelude, while moving and clicking the cursor produces colorful music notes and sounds. Perhaps the way that the FF characters on the site interact with the mouse pointer is an example of the game’s eventual fighting system…? More news when we get it!

Source: GamePro

Share Your Thoughts: Are you as excited about the prospect of getting to relive your favorite FFmoments musically? Or is this just another odd spinoff in the vein of Chocobo Racing and Dirge of Cerberus?

One Response to “Final Fantasy Music/Rhythm Title in the Works”
  1. Chad M. says:

    Well…is it just me or is this more of Square-Enix trying to milk the last drops from the withered Final Fantasy teat?

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