Life in the Dorms: So Exciting, it’s Officially an Adventure!

“Christ. Seven years of college down the drain. Might as well join the $%@! Peace Corps.”  -Bluto, Animal House

The point-and-click adventure genre has certainly been a stalwart veteran in the gaming world. Finding a comfortable home on PCs early on, a clear heyday for the genre has passed us by long ago. Some say the adventure game is long dead and gone; however, developments over the last few years seem to prove an upswing in popularity for adventure games once again. Titles like L.A. Noire (an adventure game in spirit) and the recently announced The Testament of Sherlock Holmes not only evolve the genre, but are also making great strides in moving it onto consoles in an acceptable manner.

Enter Moment Games, and their upcoming college-based adventure game, Life in the Dorms. Adventure games have never been limited in regards to what worlds they’ll let us explore, and this time we’re being thrown into the coming-of-age world of academia and Greek life, all-nighters and mid-terms (hopefully with a few booze-tinged Animal House moments!).

College freshman Dack Peeples has to overcome the difficulties of balancing a full course-load, appeasing his Resident Advisor, and obtaining sustenance for himself, all while solving puzzles, moving furniture, and performing surgery. Oh yeah, he’ll also have to try to discover if his new roommate is really a serial killer bent on terminating him. Sounds like the college experience we all had, or at least the one we always wanted!

Life in the Dorms will be releasing towards the end of 2011, and is coming exclusively to Xbox Indie Games Marketplace. Find out more about the game at its official site here.

Source: GamePro

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