The Witcher 2: Now More Full of Fluff!

I Witch I May, I Witch I Might

Our favorite “your PC must be this top of the line to ride” action-RPG is soon getting a new patch, as well as an additional free DLC quest.

The Version 1.3 patch will fix several bugs and issues, such as letting the HUD be turned off for screenshots; adding support for 4:3, 5:4, and 16:10 aspect ratios in addition to the standard 16:9; allowing nVidia 3D Vision drivers to run without problem; and adding key-binding options for those players that so desire them.

Also, as with the last patch, CD Projekt Red is throwing some free content your way with the patch. A brand-new chapter 2 quest, titled “A Sackful of Fluff”, will be added to the game. No details about the quest have been released, other than the developer’s cryptic quip that it “will prove most rewarding to those who demonstrate patience.” Let’s hope it’s not a gathering quest to fill said sack with sack fluff.

Editor's Note: Objects shown may or may not resemble final in-game images of fluff

Your patience, however, should not be tested much longer, as the patch will likely be coming very soon.

Source: GamePro

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