Battlefield 3 Not Coming to Steam

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According to a report from financial research firm Baird, GameStop has confirmed that potential Call of Duty killer, Battlefield 3, will not be available to download from Steam.

Having met with retailer executives, a Baird spokesman wrote: “The upcoming EA title Battlefield 3 will be sold as a download through GameStop, but not through Steam… Given Steam’s dominance – and insistence on users downloading a Steam client application – publishers are likely to be receptive to a competitive alternative.”

The move should not come as a surprise: EA have recently re-branded and relaunched their “Downloader” service as the digital distribution platform “Origin”, intended to vie for market dominance with Valve’s Steam.

Curiously, Steam is the exception. EA has not forbidden other digital distributors from selling Battlefield 3, as the game will be available to purchase from GameStop’s own service, and also – if a recently published list of other distributors is to be believed – GamersGate and Direct2Drive.

The ante has certainly been upped in the escalating competition between Origin and Steam, particularly in the wake of an episode that saw Crysis 2 pulled from Valve’s platform and instated on EA’s, the acquisition of PopCap, a developer traditionally at home on the older platform, and the Origin-exclusivity of upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

Source: Develop

Share Your Thoughts: Assuming you are a Steam user, how will Battlefield 3‘s absence from the store affect your gaming?


3 Responses to “Battlefield 3 Not Coming to Steam”
  1. Tom Rippon says:

    It’s sad, but I really don’t think that Steam can win this one. Although they’re the current dominators, the fact that EA have purchased PopCap will probably make Origin the top digital distributor.

    It’s actually all come together quite neatly for EA, especially when you consider the withdrawal of several of their games from Steam, as well as PopCap’s additions to their library. But the need to use the Steam client to purchase games has always frustrated me, so perhaps it’s time that a new competitor emerged … and wiped Steam from the planet.

    • Chad M. says:

      I would disagree. EA is the only distributor aligned with Origin (As it’s just made to market their products). They’ll have to expand quite a bit if they want to take down Steam’s market dominance. After all, Steam still has Activision, THQ, UbiSoft and Valve’s own products (as well as considerable support for indie developers), and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.

      • Tom Rippon says:

        True, but EA are still seeming to get the right idea – the market has a large requirement for a mixture of gaming attitudes, and now that they own one of the biggest social gaming companies in the industry, they’re on their way into a wider market.

        Plus, they do release and publish and/or develop a surprisingly large amount of games. They may not dominate, but they’re definitely on their way up, and Origin is taking them places.

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