Leaked Screens of Battlefield 3

Classified Information Won’t Stay Classified for Long

Forums have done it again. Specifically, the tek-9.org forums, and even more specifically, a user by the name of GOLD.i3DGwendoline. Early screenshots of Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer have hit the web, and they’re every bit as exciting as they should be.

The images below are from the Alpha Trial of the game’s multiplayer, and for that reason, are obviously not up to the high standard that you will be seeing come the game’s release on October 25. But that doesn’t stop them from making your mouth water.

Although the original post on the tek-9 forums has vanished, you can see the rest of the screenshots here on System Link.

However, screenshots are not the only thing to have come from this leak. There is also information regarding the multiplayer itself, with specific mention of graphics in the early stages of the multiplayer’s build. GOLD.i3DGwendoline has said this about the graphics:

At first, The game says I need nvidia driver 275.35, while the last one is 275.33.
So maybe there will be more graphic options when it is enabled…

The only options I could change were resolution, which I took 1680×1024.

Graphic Detail: High

– Maps look good.

– Graphic settings are bugged, probably since the recommended driver version is not yet released.

– Very low recoil, tough there is bulletspread.

– Bullets bounce off metal.

– Surround sound is REALLY good, the sound of the rockets that flew by my head made me smile, explosions are really nice, a good deep drum.

– You can see your own legs when you look down, though your weapon will stick through your own leg… =x

– You do not walk fully silent when crouching.

– Infinite sprint.

– Tank can swim and jump (funny bug rofl)

It’s clear that the game is coming along nicely, as these images show. However, as the specifications show, Dice have still got a lot of work to do, and under some pressure too; the screenshots will only increase the impatience of fans for this game’s release.

[Source: System Link]

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