Mousechief Takes on Social Drama with Quirky Strategy Title Arcada Mia

Circle of Life, Wheel of Time

Mousechief, the indie developer behind the well-received Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!, has revealed some screenshots and info on its upcoming strategy/social drama, Arcada Mia.

Arcada Mia tells the story of four families from four separate social strata: laborers, artisans, high professions, and rulers. The object of the game seems to be to control the destinies of these four families, and control their actions, ultimately deciding their rise and fall through the ranks of society. As time passes, there are romantic interests to pursue and future generations to raise. Should one fail to be successful, a swift and final demise awaits at the hands (or jaws) of crocodiles, because hey, let’s face it, crocodiles are an ever-present danger in society.

The title certainly sounds quirky enough; the gameplay itself does nothing to bring the game any semblance of normality either. The game is played by placing characters onto slots of a multi-tiered wheel. During each turn, your goal is to have your characters collect orbs, and use tokens to advance to the next tier of the wheel. Sound complicated? It definitely looks to be an unusual game, and Mousechief’s site, while offering images to see, doesn’t do much to clarify the game. Looks like we’ll have to play this one to get a good handle on it. Look for its PC release in early 2012.

Source: GamePro

One Response to “Mousechief Takes on Social Drama with Quirky Strategy Title Arcada Mia”
  1. Keith Nemitz says:

    The game is much simpler than the article suggests. A player controls one family at a time, the successive families of chosen heirs. Playing is as simple as dragging tokens into slots. Note the slots beneath the characters at top-right.

    Now, which tokens to which slots and in which order, that’s where the short-term strategy comes from. It changes depending on the situation on the wheel. The long term strategy includes, raising children, selecting partners, deciding heirs…

    hope that helps,

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