Take the Battle to the Skies with World of Warplanes

Death from Above

Wargaming.net has achieved great success with its free to play MMO, World of Tanks. Not only has the title received critical praise and been welcomed by gamers, but it is also set to ship a retail version soon. So, now that the war on the ground has been all but won, what’s left for Wargaming.net? The untamed skies, of course.

While not technically a sequel, World of Warplanes is a follow-up in that it’s based on the same premises as its predecessor. The game is being made in the same vein as Tanks was, with the MMO model firmly in mind. Of course, the action will be an entirely different affair altogether, with players rising through the pilot ranks, moving from WWI-era biplanes into more modern models as the player progresses.

One cool feature is that the two games will be able to interact with each other. Sadly, this does not mean that you’ll be flying missions to provide air support for your buddy who’s roughing it groundside. In fact, World of Warplanes will have its own set of completely separate missions. However, premium currency and experience can be shared and exchanged between the two games.

As of yet, no release date has been announced by Wargaming.net.

Source: GamePro

Share Your Thoughts: Is World of Warplanesmore up your alley? Or do you think modern war themes are best left to shooters, and you’d rather stick to your fantasy-themed MMO?

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