A Nightmare Is Set Loose In Outworld

This Isn’t a Dream…

Decapitation? Bah! Incineration? Scoff! Your most brutal, over-the-top mutilation? P’shaw! Mortal Kombat‘s getting set to introduce a “new” character; the granddaddy of all slashers and serial killers, torturer and perverse stalker of teenagers everywhere (well, on Elm Street, anyway); straight from the bowels of hell/your boiler room: Freddy Krueger!

There seems little rhyme to reason why NetherRealm Studios decided to go with this character who’s in no way a part of the MK universe – apart from the fact that he practically invented the Fatality! Freddy will be available to download starting on 9 August, although why you’d willingly invite him into your home, we couldn’t even hazard a guess. What sort of sick death wish do you have, anyway? In the meantime, check out Freddy’s double-clawed, furnace-summoning fighting style for yourself:

Source: GamePro

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