How Microsoft Will Still Make You Buy Star Wars Kinect; or Why We’re All Suckers!

The Force Is Strong With This One!

The Kinect was the centerpiece of Microsoft’s E3 presentation this year. As forceful as Microsoft’s enthusiasm for the device was, onlookers growing detachment was equally palpable. Amid the litany of titles presented, none drew as many disenchanted sighs as Star Wars Kinect; the controller-free lightsaber swinging wasn’t up to the level of quality and immersion many were looking for. However, Microsoft (in what will either go down as a genius marketing move or a pitiful push for an underwhelming product) is making sure that there’s a very good reason for naysayers and doubters alike to sweep aside their discontent and open up their pocketbooks.

The Kinect Star Wars bundle comes with the game, as well as with a 320 GB console customized in the style of R2-D2. This sexy sexy beast of purest white features deep blue panels along the primary front and top faces of the machine, with outlined panels, a ventilation grill, and the Star Wars logo. Also included in the bundle is a gleaming golden 360 controller, clearly built from scavenged parts of C3PO recovered from Cloud City, and a pearly white Kinect unit.

The bundle’s release will coincide with the release of the game on 31 December, 2011, and will retail for $449.99 in the United States and £349.99 in the United Kingdom. So if your heart, like ours, beats just a little faster at the sight of these images, we’re willing to bet there’s that one special annoying nephew or brother on your Christmas list who’ll be getting a brand-new Star Wars Kinect game just a few days belatedly, while your gaming station gets a well-deserved aesthetic update – don’t worry; we’ll die before we tell!

Source: GamePro

4 Responses to “How Microsoft Will Still Make You Buy Star Wars Kinect; or Why We’re All Suckers!”
  1. Chad M. says:

    I think I can shame people into not buying it…repeat after me,,,LIGHTSABER ON! LIGHTSABER ON! LIGHTSABER ON!

    But R2-D2? Really? Not the Gonk droid or an X-Wing based look? Hm, clearly for the casual fan and not the hardcore Star Wars nerd. *nose in the air*.

  2. Not gonna lie, I think that’s pretty damn cool. Will I buy it? No, but it’s still pretty sweet.

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