PodBytes – Episode 8: Is There a Cutoff Age in Gaming?

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‘Twas but a short while ago, when Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, co-hosts of NBC’s Today Show, featured a segment with Donny Deutsch, to get the male perspective on several issues. One of the questions raised was “What’s up with men and videogames?”, and is it acceptable to play videogames past the age of thirty. The cast of the show couldn’t even get the question out without breaking into derogatory laughter at the pure ridiculousness of such a thought, and the unanimous verdict included sentiments such as “It’s weird” and “Those weird [men] in the basement”.  Although it was a short segment, it perfectly displays the kind of social stigma attached to adults who play videogames, and society’s ignorant dismissal of gamers; pity was written all over Kathie Lee and Hoda’s faces.

Online columnist Winda Benedetti responded with an editorial on the subject; check out her article and the original video clip that set the gaming world on fire (a little) right here.

Here at Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming, we were no less incensed by these off-color remarks, and had ourselves a good old-fashioned discussion about the topic. Along the way, we learned about some frighteningly personal revelations, such as one member’s sure-fire method for making a videogame-inspired splash at any party, as well as some devilishly twisted punishments we devised for our offspring and girlfriends. Also, find out why the hell some of our members can’t stop thinking about Mel Gibson’s nipples and Solid Snake’s lips! So put away your Bingo cards and break out a jar of apple sauce because it’s 3 PM and time for dinner; it’s all weirdos and cranky old men in PodBytes – Episode 8!

PodBytes – Episode 8: Is There a Cutoff Age in Gaming? stars Martin Watts, Pascal Tekaia, Chad Morelock, Rexly Penaflorida, and Tom Rippon.  Originally recorded on Sunday 24 July, 2011.  Full run time: 89 mins

Episode Breakdown

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:20 Games We’re Playing
  • 16:50 Current Events
  • 21:45 Our Personal Gaming Origins
  • 35:00 How Aging and Progressing Technology Have Turned Us Into Massive Noobs
  • 43:30 The Social Stigma of Gaming, and How to Beat It
  • 49:00 What Audiences Are Developers Aiming For?
  • 1:03:50 So, Are We Ready to Quit Playing Games?
  • 1:12:30 Final Thoughts
  • 1:25:30 Sign-Off & Closing

Theme Song: Anamanaguchi – Jetpack Blues – Download their album on iTunes, it’s awesome!

Note: PodBytes will be back with a brand-new episode on 24 August, when we’ll be discussing the impact of pre-owned games on the industry. In the meantime, check back for a brand-new, as yet unnamed, podcast series kicking off 10 August, in which you’ll get to join us waxing philosophical about a random selection of games we’re playing, including both current and retro titles. You’ll get our unsolicited opinions – whether you want them or not – about how kick-ass or god-awful the games are; it will be a blast!

Share Your Thoughts: Got something you want to add to the discussion?  Let us know your views by sharing them in the comments section below.

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