Sunday Morning Cheer: Booth Babe Videogame Quiz

“No Honey, Honestly, I Only Go to BnBGaming to Read the Articles!”

Our friends at Bitmob took some time out of their busy schedule while at E3 to create this videogame quiz. Then they asked several of E3’s famous ‘Booth Babes’ to try their hand at it – after all, being at a videogame convention, representing videogame companies, they should know at least a little about games, right?

As you watch the video, see how many you’ll get right. Don’t worry; as long as you didn’t ‘accidentally’ get to our site somehow, you’ll get at least one of these right. If not; well, you know where your browser’s back button is located. But here at BnB, everyone’s a winner! Enjoy!

Source: GamePro

2 Responses to “Sunday Morning Cheer: Booth Babe Videogame Quiz”
  1. Chad M. says:

    This is painful to watch. This is more like Sunday Morning nails on a chalkboard!

  2. Tom Rippon says:

    B … B … B … B … B.

    I suddenly resent the title of this very website.

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