Diablo III to Feature Real-Money Auctions; No Mod Support

A Hell of a Way to Make a Buck

PC Gamer reports that Blizzard will offer an ingame auction house in its upcoming Diablo III where players can sell their in-game loot for real money.  Blizzard themselves won’t be selling any items themselves (therefore cutting us Team Fortress 2 players off from our hat addictions), merely charging a listing fee and a final value fee (just like eBay! Imagine that.). The bulk of the transaction goes to the seller.

This raises a few questions about gold farming type activity. Blizzard has stated that in Diablo III, they will have no problem with players playing to generate fresh items for the auction house, as other people will want to buy them.

In other Diablo III news, Blizzard has stated that the game will be online only (to go hand in hand with anti-cheating and anti-piracy measures). The game will require an internet connection to connect to the Battle.Net servers and will always need an online connection( there is no “offline mode”, but will be playable in single-player mode. In addition, with its tightly managed gameplay, Blizzard will allow no use of game mods or bots (which is fair, considering, again, the real-money item market).

My biggest issue with all of these things is that they are all meta-game related. Sure, the first two entries in the Diablo series were marked by revolutionary-for-their-time multiplayer options, but also by addictive gameplay and dark, brooding atmosphere. Will Blizzard deliver on all fronts? Or are they merely trying to take our eyes off what’s important? This remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Video is available now. But where’s the music?

Source: PC Gamer

2 Responses to “Diablo III to Feature Real-Money Auctions; No Mod Support”
  1. Encrazed Crafts says:

    Oh yes. So very much “yes!” I’m already doing math in my head on what classes to play, what builds and skill progression/runes used. Oh, this is good. BUT! Let’s not forget Activision is attached and they are dragging down the Blizzard name faster than the Titanic and Iceberg merger of 1912.

    I really, really want to like this. REALLY want to like it. It’s just that, since the Actiblizzard combo started, the quality has gone down hill very fast. If it isn’t just bad quality, it’s rushed or pure greed that is killing all sources of fun to be had. Where is there time to balance when you are creating ways to charge your customers? I know they say wow is an amusement park styled mmo, but I prefer only being charged once at the door while they are progressively starting to charge per ride as well.

    In short, I really like what I’m seeing. But this is Actiblizzard we’re talking about now, so I’m waiting for the crazy insane catch to arrive. For example: Real ID! Talk to your friends everywhere! Talk to new people on the servers you meet! Group up and all that jazz. Oh, but they have to know your email address first. …And accounts are no longer gonna work based on account names, we’re changing them to only go through that same email address you need to pass around to strangers. So you are gonna give ‘less than acquaintances’ important information indirectly by ‘showing’ them your gear as you group, but you’ll also be giving them a huge part in hacking your account that was not present before we overhauled to this ‘better’ system. (But new Cata authenticators are on SALE!)

    And they’ll know your full name. Did we mention that? We could easily make it work like PSN or Xbox Live with an account name instead of your personal one, but they know your email now. Might as well give them more juicy info, right? And that group up feature we hinted at before we launched it? Pfft! Sike! You gotta PAY for that! So, how many takers do we have?

    What do you mean you don’t like the sound of this great idea? It’s Real ID! Well fine, we’ll make your FORUM POSTS show you name too! Present *and* past. That’ll learn ya to disagree with our kindness, pilgrim.

    (John Wayne showed up at the end there, sure why not.)

    Yeah. Not the greatest bunch of ‘minds’ in control of the reigns. So while the idea of a legit way to trade items not only kills the rampant underground market that I happily await enough to conspire to find ways for my old as dirt rig to run it, I still await the Law of Stupid to arrive and break what they have going for it by some illogical addition that is being purposefully withheld to avoid instant outcry.

  2. Morris says:

    Quite looking forward to this, it will open up a lot of doors for future gaming and it will apply another dimension to an already amazing universe. Whether or not anyone will be compatible to compete against gold farmers / bots will be answered after a month or two playing the game.
    Personally I’m probably going to play this game so much I’ll end up with chronically red eyes.

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