New “Iwata Asks” Spills the Beans on Starfox Series


The official Nintendo website has added its latest addition of its popular “Iwata Asks”, a web series of interview transcripts between Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and key members of the Nintendo development team, usually about an upcoming piece of hardware or software.

In the most recent instalment, Mr. Iwata and the gang talk about the upcoming 3D remake, Starfox 64 3D.  Although not many new details on the game are given (to be honest, you probably found out most of the juicy bits 14 years ago), the piece in question does provide a pretty fascinating insight into the world of Starfox and its development history.

So if today is your “Learn More About Japanese Folklore Day” or you just happen to love Starfox, then I suggest that you give it a thorough read.  Moreover, the interview states that if Starfox 64 3D sells well, it could pave the way for a new title in the series.  As a die-hard Nintendo 64 fan (whose love of Starfox 64/Lylat Wars is immense), I command that you all buy it!

Source: Nintendo

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